Canalaphonic Launch Party

Canalaphonic is holding the official launch party in the The Sugar Club on the 11th April. Clear your calendars for this one – I know I have.

With fellow Wexicans Corner Boy, Featuring X, Mother Mooch, and yet another fellow Wexican and old pal Johnny Stewart the night is shaping up to be a good one.

Canalaphonic Launch Party


I’m sure the Abner Browns Barbershop lads have something else up their sleeves for the night as this event takes on an organic life of its own. Well deserved too.

Imagine how good this actual festival will be, given that the launch party already rocks!

At only a fiver for entry, you’d be foolish to pass this up. Get ’em here.

Kevin Casey – Grand Social tonight!

Hard working Kevin Casey headlines The Grand Social tonight, celebrating the launch of his new single ‘I was wrong’ before grabbing a flight and heading off to Germany for a pit-stop tour.

Kevin Casey, I was wrong
Kevin Casey, I was wrong

Known for his expressive lyrics and strong vocals, ‘I was wrong’ doesn’t disappoint with it’s flowing melody. reminiscent of slower version of Kula Shaker’s Hush at times. Not a bad comparison, and sure to be a good night of quality live music.

Building up quite a following online and at gigs, grab a listen to some of his great songs here, you won’t be disappointed.

Supporting Kevin Casey and his band are Deco Greene and The Sex Beasts. The night is being curated by Radio Nova’s Pat Courtenay – Doors open @ 8pm – tickets are a great price of €5 each!

Spotlight – MINDRIOT, Low

I was 11 when I first set ears upon the Seattle sound I was about to fall in love with. My introduction was, and still is, one of my favourite albums to date – Pearl Jam, Ten. It has been a whirlwind romance with Pearl Jam for me throughout their album releases, but invariably, I always end up listening to ‘Ten’ as the fond memories of childhood flood back. Everyone has that kind of album I’m sure.

Imagine my amazement when I discovered an Irish band was able to evoke the same reaction in my sub-consciousness. Enter MINDRIOT and their recently released ‘Low’.

These guys have been around for a significant amount of time – two decades, this is enough time for any well-oiled machine to break down and stop working. Truth be told, these guys have been through their share of breakups and varying career breaks, anybody would after two decades, but their music has prevailed, just like many of their Seattle influenced bands still rocking our stages and arenas today.

The above mentioned influences are evident the moment you press play on any of their songs – Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Metallica, Alice in Chains and Mother Love Bone, to name but a few. It’s very easy to see why these bands are influential from great lyrics to melodies to soulful guitar solos, and MINDRIOT really have played homage to their forefathers here – Raw gritty vocals, a very catchy and radio friendly chorus, and well positioned guitar solos you can hum along to.

Perhaps we are seeing our very own Seattle bubble of rock in Ireland – I’d certainly like to think so. And if we are, MINDRIOT has not just kicked it off, but also set the standard.


Rocking Whelans on the 9th April, MINDRIOT will definitely put on a show worthy of you hard-earned cash. Tickets available here.

Sounds like: Seattle infused awesome rock

Find them: Reverbnation, Twitter, Facebook

Keeping it regular

If you have never seen or heard of Shamir before, you are in for a real treat with his new banger Call it Off’, a follow-up to last years hit ‘On the Regular’ which soared his unique androgynous countertenor voice in to the ears of many surprising listeners.

Shamir muppet 'Call it off'.

With a unique electronic pop feel, the trademark cowbell, phone calls, bright colours, dancing muppets, and a voice that is straight from the love child of Prince and Kelis, you can see why Shamir is doing quite well for himself.

His debut album Ratchet is due to drop mid May on XL. Nice.

What a big Hulla-palooza!

One of the most exciting new independent music festivals this year in Dublin was forced to change its name due to a court application for an injunction. Harsh.

Not to worry! The now named Canalaphonic, the brainchild of the quirkiest barbershop in town, Abner Browns, is set to take place in the Rathmines/Portobello area.

abner browns


The exciting new festival will be rock out 2 stages and 18 venues spread across the area – Interestingly, one of the stages will be a barge docked at Portobello Harbour, aptly called ‘The Making Waves Stage’ with local legends The Hot Sprockets and Mother Mooch kicking off proceedings.

The Hot Sprockets
The Hot Sprockets
Mother Mooch
Mother Mooch


Did we mention that the gigs will be free and that the acts are actually earning a buck? Abner Browns Barbershop are proving that this event will be a cut above the rest!

More acts have yet to be announced, but there’s plenty of time for that as the event doesn’t take place until 8th and 9th May.

With the level of interest this event has gathered in just over two weeks and even a little bit of controversy, we continue to watch this space very closely indeed. And so should you.


|Tune Tuesday| – One Horse Pony, Staring Blues

One Horse Pony

Tune of the day goes to ‘Staring Blues’ by One Horse Pony. We have been listening to it all day since it dropped by the inbox in the early hours. Nothing like a bit of Blues, and there is nothing like the Blues these guys introduce you to – cool, soft and understated, but with an obvious and unique European feel.

Staring Blues uses the old addage of love lost in a cool and fresh way; revamping what you thought you already knew about the genre.

With unique videos like the one below, and a collection of quirky handles that include a badger, a meerkat, a Reverend, a King and Germany (!), these guys are certainly enjoying making the music we enjoy listening to – seeing them currently top the iTunes Blues chart. Well deserved in my opinion.

You can get the single on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play, or catch them singing it live at their monthly slot in Whelans – free entry! I know where I’ll be this weekend……


|Music Monday| Hail the Ghost, Forsaken

Hail the Ghost’s debut album ‘Forsaken’ is a good album. It’s the type of album that comes along at the right time for people; you know the type that helps you through a breakup, a first date, or even a hangover. I have only had the burden of the hangover these days and welcome any album that helps me get through them.

The album contains 10 very strong songs full of melancholy and cushioned anger and plays very well in a single sitting without the need to have to adjust the volume for loud peaks or low troughs. This is a good thing.


Obvious comparisons exist with The National in terms of sultry nonchalant vocals, but I would throw in Editors and even Nick Cave in terms of lyrics and melodies. The perfect mix of them all, but still unique enough in its own right to stand alongside them.

We can’t wait to catch them live in Whelans on April 2nd. Tickets available here at the nice price of €10 each. Sweet.

As debuts go, this is one for the collection. Get it.

Sounds like: The National, Editors, Nick Cave

Winning tracks: Nostalgia and Headstoned

Find them: Website, Twitter, Facebook


|Music Monday| Cry Monster Cry, Rhythm of Dawn

18 months in the making, the debut album of brothers Richie and Jamie Martin, ‘Rhythm of Dawn’, is an easy listen that’s hard to put down.

The opener ‘Darkest Hour, Longest Day’ immediately shoots the listener back to the 1970’s with impressive harmonies and shoulder swaying choruses reminiscent of ‘A Horse With No Name‘ by America. It’s a great choice as the opener; immediately grounding the listener with loud baselines and delicate relentless percussion letting us know what’s in store in the following 9 tracks.

Delving in to experiential folk rock, swaying in and out of country and touching on traditional, this is an album that gives a lot back to the listener with lyrics and harmonies that the likes of Paul Brady and Damien Dempsey would be very proud of. There is a very real sense of openness and honesty with the lyrics too, especially in the track Old at Heart, which is refreshing.

Rhythm of Dawn

Well worth many listens, this album will please many ears, and delight many faces and foot stompers during their tour of Ireland which has just kicked off. Details and tickets are available through the links below.

Sounds like: Simon and Garfunkel, Paul Brady, America, Damien Dempsey

Winning tracks: Old at HeartHomebird and Darkest Hour, Longest Day

Find them: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Catch our 2012 Vantastival interview with the lads here. Funny stuff!




|Music Monday| White-Line Fever, Anomie EP

Cork based White-Line Fever has hit the nail on the head with their offering in to the progressive folk/folk genre. Formed in 2014 by brothers Abbas and Ali Bracken with the aspiration to make thought-provoking and experimental music, their influences are evident throughout.

Both band and EP name naturally raise questions and eyebrows – instantly summoning thoughts of monotony, instability, lack of purpose or ‘simply the concept of monotony and tedium of life‘ as drummer Evan Prendergast puts it. Interesting, so what’s it like?

White Line Fever

From the onset, ‘Sirens in the Distance’ immediately lulls you in with laid back vocals, soft percussion and acoustics, before blending in electric guitars and heavier percussion – it works quite well here as the vocals remain laid back throughout which keeps the pace of the song somewhere between Midlake and Pink Floyd. The song finishes with an encore of reverb, synth, birds, traffic and echo – a choice I wasn’t expecting at the end, but the more I listened to it, the more it worked. It will be interesting to see this played live.

The second song ‘I see Icy Figures’ is the better of the two-track EP. It introduces us even more to what these guys are capable of doing – pleasing the ear with understated vocals and simple guitar riffs. At times it will remind you of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Albatros’. Have a listen and you’ll know what I mean. Interestingly, the song works really well acoustically, allowing for more dynamic, stripped back folk sound.

Video from Virtually Acoustic

The production value of recording in Claycastle Recording Studios, alongside producer John Burke is evident, and shows that these guys are serious about continuing with their experimental, progressive folk. I hope they do and am looking forward to hearing more tracks in the near future.

Sounds like: Pink Floyd, Midlake, Radiohead, Fleetwood Mac

Winning track: I see Icy Figures

Find them: Reverbnation, Facebook, Soundcloud

Knockanstockan 2015 lineup announcement and new look website

Last night, the guys at Knockanstockan HQ broke the internet by revealing the first batch of defining artists that will rock the Ballyknockan district this coming July, and launched their new look website.

knockanstockan 2015 early bird

The lineup is, yet again, a fine example of the musical talent that Ireland has to offer.

And there are more announcements to come. The swanky new website boasts that there will be a total of 100 bands from across the globe. No mean feat we can assure you, and very impressive that these guys can pull this off every year given that it is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers with a passion for all things musical.

The lineup so far –


Early bird tickets are going for a steal @ €65 each, but they’re going quick! Get ’em here while they’re hot!


Knockanstockan you’re such a tease!

Knockanstockan will reveal the next batch of live acts for 2015 later today, and throw a new website in to the party too.

So far we have been teased with an already impressive lineup of Kingston, Rebecca Collin, Leo Drezden, Contour, Cult Called Man, Red Enemy and Bitch Falcon.

The announcement was made here in a State of the Nation article where Bettine McMahon gives a brief history of the festival, as well as the prep needed beforehand. Well worth a read, and a great insight in to the fest – she knows her stuff!



We wait anxiously hitting the F5 button until the website goes live!

Pure M Awards 2015

They’ve only gone and done it. Pure M, the music and entertainment magazine has announced that they are running a live music award show happening at a tbc location in Dublin this year.


According to the site, the award show will;

“give recognition for artistic creation in Ireland, we also have European and International awards too”

They aren’t doing the live show by halves either – talk of live music, special guests, snap happy photographers, and actual awards for the winners certainly sounds like it will be a great night. Roll out the red carpet people!

If you want to be in with a chance of winning an award, or running amuck on the red carpet, hit here to fill out the entry form. Nominations will be announced on May 1st. For more details, keep an eye out on the Pure M site.

ASIWYFA has a sting in its tail

asiwyfa sargent house

ASIWYFA has just premiered another track from the forthcoming album ‘Heirs’, (dropping in May) on ‘‘ – the new track is called ‘Wasps’.

Speaking exclusively to thefader, ASIWYFA explain where the song title ‘wasps’ came from;

We then sliced and sanded it down to two-and-a-half minutes of the purest form of our initial idea. ‘Wasping’ became our word for ripping songs to pieces and throwing away all the bits that weren’t needed. ‘That’s good but it needs to be wasped,’ or, ‘Shit, we really wasped that.

Wasps is streaming now on ‘here‘ and is well worth a listen or 20!

Festival playlists 2015

If you are heading to any of the smaller festivals this year, head here to listen to the Soundcloud playlists we’re putting together to get you prepared.

Alternatively, you can head straight to our Soundclud page to listen to the playlists, or even check out a few of our own hand-made podcasts. Enjoy.

skyrockitmusic Soundcloud page.

We’ll be adding more playlists and songs once they are announced etc.