Listen – Penrose, Live for The Dream EP

I came across Penrose a few weeks ago, and become an instant fan for two significant reasons.

The first reason – I received a physical copy of the CD in the post. This excited me no end. Seriously. I am of the age where I still love to have CD’s. Of course, like everyone else, I use the interwebz to listen and discover music, but nothing beats a physical product in your hand to salivate over. I love the smell of polycarbonate in the morning!

The second reason – and directly related to the first, is their genre defining sound. Instant 90’s Indie/Britpop/Rock throwback. It seemed quite fitting to receive a CD in the post then. Playing on my inner teenage emotions or a neat little marketing technique? You decide! I like to think it’s both. Good job Penrose.

The glorious Penrose!
The glorious Penrose!

The first track ‘See you again’  weaves clever guitar riffs reminiscent of The Coral and Oasis but with the softer, almost deliberately held back vocals of Travis. It works really well as an opener to the EP.

‘Melody’ is a nice happy go luck summer track which has enough gusto and catchiness to be a single and gain significant airplay. It will have you humming or singing along after a few listens. In keeping with the era, I’m reminded of  ‘Lemon Tree’ by Fools Garden – but don’t worry! Melody doesn’t exasperate like Lemon Tree does!

Harmony‘ throws a mixture of Ocean Colour Scene and Oasis at youSlower in tempo, introducing the guitar solo in the mid section and tambourine tapping throughout; this is Britpop 101, without being trite, and a tune I can’t wait to catch live.

‘Where you go now’ closes the EP Champagne Supernova style. It’s a fitting finale and sounds fantastic.

The EP sound, quality and production are of a high quality – even the physical CD screams excellence. Don’t misinterpret my Britpop references for a rehashed version of the afore-mentioned bands. Penrose has managed to pull this off without being clichéd and this EP could very well see them Live for the Dream.



London Gets The Fever

The White-Line fever boys are about to go all Austin Powers on London. Yeah Baby!

White-Line Fever
White-Line Fever

They have just finished off a tour of Ireland where I managed to catch their unreal set in the Workmans, and now they are spreading their pandemic further afield to The Spice of Life – Soho. I’ve never been, but I hear it’s very spicy. And full of life. In Soho.

Not able to make it to Soho? no probs, the lads are playing at the 96/1 Festival on August 29th in the The Poor Relation Grocery & Pub alongside Stewart Dixon, Clare O’Mahony and  Hvmmingbyrd. Savage.

More news in the works and it’s shaping up pretty well……

Just be careful in London lads – Keep it Austin Powers-like, not 28 Days Later-like?!

‘Wan the lads!




Listen – Grainne Hunt, Lilacs

Lilacs by Grainne Hunt is officially out in the open today. I’ve been bending my ears around the tune for a few days now, and it is definitely an emotional roller coaster.

Grainne’s voice is soothingly soft and mellow, complemented by the strings running throughout. It this were a one word review it would be simple – Gorgeous.

Watch/listen below now.

Next Bootleg date, news, and general updates

Hi All! As the title suggests, the next Bootleg Project in Foley’s is the 15th August with a new start time of 9pm. The 3 guest slots are full, but I think I’ll do a 4th – get your applications in if you’re interested. I’ll announce the guests playing later this week.

The Bootleg Project - new time of 9pm
The Bootleg Project – new start time of 9pm

All things Skyrockit Music are  running at a pace that can only be described as rampant. Thank you all so much for your continued support, likes, shares and music – The entire ethos of Skyrockit Music has always been to showcase your music, so I’m delighted that it has been working out well so far.

Right now I’m working on a few projects, ideas and collaborations – all at early stages, but I am hopeful that most of them will come to fruition and announcements can be made over the coming weeks and months. Working with so many like-minded people is rewarding and great to know that we share the same passion and belief in the Irish music scene. I’m busy with it all, so forgive the sporadic and untimely updates etc!

Don’t forget the Monster Monster gig happening on the 23rd of this month! Tickets available here – think of it as a gig in your sitting room with friends, where you can interact with the band and bring your own beer.

Stay classy people.



Listen – Busking for Tea, Tenslotte

Busking for Tea is not just a clever name. The Kilkenny based duo really do like tea – so much so that they had to grab their guitars and sing their hearts out just to scrape enough money together to buy a couple of teabags for the fine nectar. The band was born.

Busking for Tea, Tenslotte Album Cover
Busking for Tea, Tenslotte Album Cover

I have never busked, and I admire anyone who does – it’s not an easy way to make money by any means, but it’s good to know it can bring two lads together to start a band and boil the kettle.

The album hosts 11 songs, three of which are covers – they busk for tea so cover songs are inevitable! Full of equal measures of gratuitous melancholy and happiness, listening through the album really does sound like you are listening to buskers on Grafton Street. I really like it for this. Check them out here now.

Competition | Win two tickets to Monster Monster at MART

The Last Mixed Tape

Monster Monster

The Last Mixed Tape is giving readers the chance to win a pair of tickets to Monster Monster’s upcoming gig at MART on August 23rd. 

Alternative-pop act  Monster Monster will play the Rathmines venue this summer as part of Skyrockit & MART’s new monthly live music series An Evening With, which will also see Fiach Moriarty play the event this September.  

Monster Monster first came to the attention of many in the Irish music scene with the debut single ‘Assassin’, which was released last year.

To be in with a chance of winning two tickets to Skyrockit Music & MART present: An Evening with Monster Monster on Sunday, August 23rd simply answer the following question in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

Q. Finish the title of this Monster Monster single, ‘Christmas in…”

Tickets to ‘An Evening With Monster Monster’ at MART are priced at €10.00…

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