And So I Watch You From Belfast!

It’s amazing how life can change in a few months. New job, new gigs, new shoes. Old habits die hard, but die they must!

Time to get back to it really. Posts, pictures and podcasts coming very soon.

I’ll start with the ASIWYFA gig in T13 in Belfast on 30th July. This gig was too fucking awesome to stand there with my camera phone out (plus the pics are shit in low light). I took this the next morning when my body was able to move:

ASIWYFA Cons & Set List Belfast T13 Gig
ASIWYFA Cons & Set List Belfast T13 Gig

There was no stage, no barriers and no limits. I could smell and taste the sweat from everyone in the warehouse-come-skatepark. It was a great venue and one I will never forget.

Hot Cops warmed us up before the main act. Young and talented, they reminded me of early Nirvana at times. Worth checking out.

Muchos gracios to Brian in Pure Sound Review for the lift and the ticket. I am forever indebted.

God bless leather Cons……

Speak soon,