back in the day

What is Skyrockit Music? Well, first of all, that’s not a typo, it is meant to be spelled that way – as in, ‘rock it’ with your music!

Conceived over a Sunday dinner in late 2011, both JJ and Stephen Bird wanted to provide the ability to showcase the Irish music scene, regardless of genre, to the mainstream. Through interviews in studio and at festivals, and gigs, we began to do just that.

JJ and Stephen in 2012 – good times!

In 2013, we initiated an unwanted hiatus due to other projects and issues beyond our control, only to relaunch again in late 2014.

With Stephen now forging his own career in the music industry as a savage drummer, JJ holds the reins. With a new method and outlook, new ideas,  and new gear, there’s no stopping Skyrockit Music.

If you want to check out the old podcasts, no worries, the videos are here. I have also converted most of them to Soundcloud here and here for easy listening. They were all made on a budget at the time, and we were testing the waters with many ideas – don’t judge us! The sound/video quality might be dodgy at times, but the interviews are great. Seriously.



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