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Festival playlists 2015

If you are heading to any of the smaller festivals this year, head here to listen to the Soundcloud playlists we’re putting together to get you prepared.

Alternatively, you can head straight to our Soundclud page to listen to the playlists, or even check out a few of our own hand-made podcasts. Enjoy.

skyrockitmusic Soundcloud page.

We’ll be adding more playlists and songs once they are announced etc.

Our podcasts now have a home

As requested, we have converted our video podcasts to Soundcloud. This should make it a lot easier for people to access, download and listen to. We will be doing this with new podcasts from now on. If you still want to watch the videos, you can get them here.

Dedicated podcast page.

Dedicated Soundcloud page.

If you would like your music to feature on an upcoming podcast, please get in contact here.

We look forward to hearing from you!