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You are all Legends, thank you!

Last Saturday night saw the first ever Bootleg Project take place in the loft of Foley’s Merrion Row. Promising to be the first of many, the lineup saw three very talented guests woo an appreciative audience.

Intimate surroundings.....
Intimate surroundings…..

Our first guest was Luke S – A very warm and likeable bloke with a knack of controlling a crowd. He had everybody singing in harmony to his own songs, and at one point stood amongst them, no mic, guitar muted, everyone singing together. It was cool. It was awesome actually. Clearly no amateur, this guys knows his stuff.

Luke S at the first Bootleg Project in Foley's
Luke S at the first Bootleg Project in Foley’s

Our second guest was David McKechnie – Cool as a cucumber and also well endowed in the talent department, David had the audience in the palm of his hands for both his emotive song introductions and the songs themselves. Though not wearing shades as previously promised by yours truly, his cool exterior wasn’t shaken one bit!

David McKechnie at the first Bootleg Project in Foley's
David McKechnie at the first Bootleg Project in Foley’s

Our final guest was the indie/garage rock, post punk powerhouse Loop Culture. The sheer amount of pedals and cables these guys brought made it clear that they are passionate about playing. Playing mostly their own tunes, with a few covers thrown in between, we were all in awe of the talent these young lads were able to muster. I have no doubt in my mind they will be going places. Not jealous I swear.

Loop Culture at the first Bootleg Project in Foley's
Loop Culture at the first Bootleg Project in Foley’s

Personally, I want to thank everyone who made the night possible, who helped out (especially Cecile and Chris), pitched in, came to see the bands play, and the bands themselves. The night went swimmingly, and was more than I could have ever anticipated. Thank you.

The next Bootleg Project is on the 10th July with acts being announced in the coming days. Like, share, review, tag, hashtag, favourite, and whatever other social media you use. Let’s make #2 as special as #1.

See you all there.



Bootleg Project #1 Lineup

Just a couple of days now until we get well and truly stuck in to a night of tunes that will arouse your ear-lobes into total submission.

So who are the acts that are playing? We did a shout out on Facebook yesterday name dropping the legends that will be playing, but let’s get to know them a little better….

  • Currently rubbing after-sun lotion all over his body from playing a scorcher in Body and Soul, Luke S is currently on a mission to do 300 gigs in 2015. Impressive stuff considering he’s just about at the halfway mark. He writes his own music, looks great in a suit and enjoys  long walks on the beach. Smooth.

    Luke S!
    Luke S!
  • David McKechnie is a hard-working ambulance chaser by day, and a shades wearing, guitar hugging hippy by night. The shades never come off. Ever. Also shedding skin from his stint at Body and Soul, David has been known to make girl weep and scream simultaneously at his live shows. Bring the tissues.

  • The talented quintet that is Loop Culture don’t do things by half. Radio interviews, music videos, endless gigs, styled hair, fashioned beards and photo shoots are keeping these lads on their feet, but there’s nowhere else they’d rather be. Their musical influences span far and wide – we just hope we have enough room for their awesomeness. We do, don’t worry lads!

    Loop Culture!
    Loop Culture!

So there you have it. All of that awesome talent for just €5, and tunes afterwards.

See you here on the 27th!