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London Gets The Fever

The White-Line fever boys are about to go all Austin Powers on London. Yeah Baby!

White-Line Fever
White-Line Fever

They have just finished off a tour of Ireland where I managed to catch their unreal set in the Workmans, and now they are spreading their pandemic further afield to The Spice of Life – Soho. I’ve never been, but I hear it’s very spicy. And full of life. In Soho.

Not able to make it to Soho? no probs, the lads are playing at the 96/1 Festival on August 29th in the The Poor Relation Grocery & Pub alongside Stewart Dixon, Clare O’Mahony and  Hvmmingbyrd. Savage.

More news in the works and it’s shaping up pretty well……

Just be careful in London lads – Keep it Austin Powers-like, not 28 Days Later-like?!

‘Wan the lads!




Live Review, White-Line Fever + Guests @ The Workman’s

When heading to a live show, you can never tell how it’s going to go, especially when it’s the last day of a back to back 5 day tour across the country. Will the energy and passion still prevail after 5 days and nights of living in each others pockets? Or did a niggle turn in to an insurmountable arguement where everyone is dreading the journey home. Thankfully, I needn’t have worried! Energy levels were through the roof, and everyone was smiling and joking around. Phew!

I was delayed getting to the venue so I unfortunately missed the very talented Míde Houlihan. Her style is acoustic/folk/indie mixed in with a bit of craic. She’s the perfect mix of Lisa Hannigan’s haunting vocals, a wax lyrical Regina Spektor and sock puppets. True story.

Mide Houlihan source debarra.ie
Mide Houlihan,source debarra.ie

I arrived to catch the tail end of Brass Phantoms who are a Dublin based indie band reminiscent of The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys. I liked what I heard, and have since listened to their other offerings on their bandcamp page. Check them out.

Brass Phantoms, source Facebook
Brass Phantoms, source Facebook

Up next was Transmission Club, and in all honesty, I was not prepared for the level of sheer sexual energy oozing from their pores. Between vocalist Michael kissing my cheek saying he wants me (!), Keyboard wizard Arthur taking his clothes off, masks for the audience, chats about naked baths, and a gargantuan rock out at the end of their set; the sweat-box that was upstairs in the Workman’s felt an awful lot hotter. I, and others around me, was an instant fan.

Transmission Club upstairs in The Workman’s

Up next was the top billed White-Line Fever. The room filled that little bit more as the lads sound checked. Breaking into song, there was an instant stage presence. Making it look like they had been doing this for years, they pulled us all together with lyrics and melodies binding us ear to ear. Onlookers sat on the floor gazing up in a mixture of smiles and awe. It may have been cooler in temperature on the floor, but the coolness was definitely coming from the stage. The hat worn by front-man Ali just made it that little bit cooler too!

White-Line Fever upstairs in the Workman's
White-Line Fever upstairs in the Workman’s

Calling other band members on stage for the final blowout was inevitable – last day of tour, last song (The Wisdonm of Sage, epic tunage!), last chance to go nuts. And go nuts they did. I was reminded of Pearl Jam unplugged at  one point when frontman Ali used his guitar to hit the cymbal. I was already smiling, but I smiled more.

White-Line Fever upstairs in The Workman's
White-Line Fever upstairs in The Workman’s

A thoroughly enjoyable night, filled with very memorable moments both for the bands and audience alike. With more ‘surprises in store’ from the White-Line Fever boys later this year, I’m starting to look forward to the next half of 2015.

White-Line Fever set list was:

Intro, Queyd Pro Qua, Lordship & Bondage, Sirens in the Distance, I See Icy Figures, The Wisdom of Sage.


For more pictures from the night, click here. Tag and share if you were there!



You are all Legends, thank you!

Last Saturday night saw the first ever Bootleg Project take place in the loft of Foley’s Merrion Row. Promising to be the first of many, the lineup saw three very talented guests woo an appreciative audience.

Intimate surroundings.....
Intimate surroundings…..

Our first guest was Luke S – A very warm and likeable bloke with a knack of controlling a crowd. He had everybody singing in harmony to his own songs, and at one point stood amongst them, no mic, guitar muted, everyone singing together. It was cool. It was awesome actually. Clearly no amateur, this guys knows his stuff.

Luke S at the first Bootleg Project in Foley's
Luke S at the first Bootleg Project in Foley’s

Our second guest was David McKechnie – Cool as a cucumber and also well endowed in the talent department, David had the audience in the palm of his hands for both his emotive song introductions and the songs themselves. Though not wearing shades as previously promised by yours truly, his cool exterior wasn’t shaken one bit!

David McKechnie at the first Bootleg Project in Foley's
David McKechnie at the first Bootleg Project in Foley’s

Our final guest was the indie/garage rock, post punk powerhouse Loop Culture. The sheer amount of pedals and cables these guys brought made it clear that they are passionate about playing. Playing mostly their own tunes, with a few covers thrown in between, we were all in awe of the talent these young lads were able to muster. I have no doubt in my mind they will be going places. Not jealous I swear.

Loop Culture at the first Bootleg Project in Foley's
Loop Culture at the first Bootleg Project in Foley’s

Personally, I want to thank everyone who made the night possible, who helped out (especially Cecile and Chris), pitched in, came to see the bands play, and the bands themselves. The night went swimmingly, and was more than I could have ever anticipated. Thank you.

The next Bootleg Project is on the 10th July with acts being announced in the coming days. Like, share, review, tag, hashtag, favourite, and whatever other social media you use. Let’s make #2 as special as #1.

See you all there.



White Line Fever Tonight @ The Workman’s

The sheer talent of these guys is jaw dropping.

If you’re looking for me tonight, this is where you’ll find me!

Finishing off their Irish tour in the Workman’s tonight after a string of savage venues which included The Grand Social and Crane Lane, I recommend catching White-Line Fever as they are on the cusp of becoming a pandemic**.

Artwork for White-Line Fever's Anomie EP
Artwork for White-Line Fever’s Anomie EP

If spooky echoes, haunting vocals, heavy riffs,  reverb and a whole lot more are your thing, I’ll see you there tonight. Let’s give them a good send off before they head back to Cork where they have already infected the population there.

Click here for my review of their current Anomie EP.

**Hazmat suits not included**