the bootleg project

The Bootleg Project is a unique bi-weekly singer/songwriter showcase hosted in Foley’s of Merrion Row. The vibe is cool and cosy, and the atmosphere is friendly. Bands play for free on the night but will garner attention all over social media before each event, and a write up on this very website too. Set length is usually 30 minutes each so there is plenty of time to show an attentive audience what you are made of. Got merch to flog? Flog it!

Doors open at 9pm, first act starts 9.15pm. The price to the public is €5 on the door – which is really cheap for a night of good music with friends. There will be drinks promotions on the night too (varies from week to week).

Guests who have played so far include: Cian, Kate Dineen, Barry Jay Hughes, Josie Harrington, Karla Chubb, Loop Culture, Luke S, Jeremiah Day.


Fill out the form below if you would like to play!

Go here if you would like to get involved in any other way, submit ideas, loved it, hated it, whatever.


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